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Museo Sans is a sans-serif font. It goes well with Freight Sans Pro, Museo Slab, Brandon Grotesque, FC Kaiser, Adelle, Garamond Premier, Rosario, Adobe Caslon, Museo Sans Rounded and Adobe Text Pro. If you're thinking about using Museo Sans then try 32px for headers. Give 11px a shot for content.

People commonly tag it as design, modern, photo, list, writing, tech, agency, ui, tourism and travel. You can get it from Adobe Fonts, Font Squirrel,, Fontspring, MyFonts and Typekit.

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About Museo Sans

Museo Sans is a sans-serif typeface designed by Jos Buivenga in 2008 and released by exljbris Font Foundry. It is a modern, clear, and versatile font, with a wide range of weights and styles that make it suitable for a variety of projects. Its design features a humanist influence, with rounded curves and a large x-height that enhances its legibility. It is a friendly, approachable font that evokes a sense of warmth and trustworthiness.

Museo Sans is a great fit for projects that require a modern, professional look, such as corporate websites, marketing materials, and logos. It is also well-suited for magazines, newspapers, and other publications. Its versatility makes it a great choice for a wide range of industries, including finance, education, and healthcare.

by OpenAI & mikesten (experimental)

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