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Adobe Caslon is a serif font. It goes well with Brandon Grotesque, Effra, Myriad Pro, Rosario, GT Walsheim, NY Irvin, Adelle Sans, Museo Sans, FF Meta and Wulkan Display. If you're thinking about using Adobe Caslon then try 41px for headers. Give 18px a shot for content.

People commonly tag it as design, writing, ecommerce, shopping, typography, fashion, magazine, education, agency and contrast. You can get it from Adobe Fonts,, Fontspring and Typekit.

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Adobe Caslon is a classic serif typeface designed by William Caslon in 1722. It was originally produced by the Caslon Foundry and is now available from Adobe. Adobe Caslon is known for its sturdy, traditional letterforms, which are inspired by the calligraphy of the Baroque period. Its letterforms are characterized by a moderate contrast between thick and thin strokes, and its italics have a slight slant. Its proportions are slightly condensed, giving it a more compact appearance.

Adobe Caslon is a reliable and versatile typeface, with a timeless appeal. It is often described as dependable, sophisticated, and elegant, with a hint of warmth. It is a great choice for projects that require a classic, traditional look, such as books, magazines, and websites. It is also a popular choice for logos, branding, and packaging.

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