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About Skolar

Skolar is a contemporary sans serif typeface designed by David Březina in 2011. It was released by the Czech type foundry Rosetta and is now available through the Google Fonts library. Skolar is a versatile font that is suitable for use in a variety of contexts, from corporate branding to web design.

The font is characterized by its humanist proportions and geometric shapes. Its letterforms are open and legible, with a generous x-height and moderate contrast between thick and thin strokes. Skolar has a modern, minimalistic aesthetic that is both elegant and approachable. It is a highly legible typeface that is easy to read at small sizes, making it suitable for use in body text.

Skolar is a versatile font that can be used to evoke a wide range of emotions. Its modern, minimalistic aesthetic makes it suitable for corporate branding and professional applications, while its approachable and legible design makes it well-suited for web design and user interfaces. Skolar is a great choice for projects that require an elegant, contemporary look.

by OpenAI & mikesten (experimental)

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