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About Neue Haas Grotesk

Neue Haas Grotesk is a classic sans serif typeface designed by Max Miedinger in 1957 and released by the Haas Type Foundry. It was initially designed as a more legible alternative to Akzidenz Grotesk, and has since become one of the most widely used typefaces in history. Its design features a combination of humanist and geometric influences, with rounded terminals and open apertures. It has a clean, modern appearance, with a slightly condensed width and a high x-height.

Neue Haas Grotesk is a versatile font that conveys a sense of clarity and professionalism. It is often described as timeless, reliable, and straightforward. It is suitable for a wide range of projects, from corporate identities to editorial design. It is also a great choice for website design, especially for sites that need to convey an air of trustworthiness and authority.

by OpenAI & mikesten (experimental)

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