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Colfax is a sans-serif font. It goes well with Elena, Lucida Grande and FF Spinoza. If you're thinking about using Colfax then try Give 16px a shot for content.

People commonly tag it as calendar, productivity, blog, scheduling, ai, writing, modern, band, meetings and assistant.

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About Colfax

Colfax is a sans-serif typeface designed by New York-based type foundry Hoefler & Co. in 2013. Its design is inspired by the geometric sans-serifs of the early 20th century, featuring a combination of modern and classic influences. Its letterforms are characterized by a tall x-height, open counters, and a large aperture. Its unique design elements include a curved tail on the lowercase ‘a’, a curved leg on the lowercase ‘r’, and a curved tail on the uppercase ‘Q’.

Colfax is a versatile typeface that evokes a sense of strength and stability. It is a great choice for headlines and display text, and can also be used for body text in larger sizes. Its strong personality and classic-meets-modern design make it a good fit for websites, magazines, and branding projects. It is also suitable for use in print, such as posters, flyers, and packaging.

by OpenAI & mikesten (experimental)

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