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It goes well with Gotham, Open Sans, Orpheus, Tiempos, Harriet Display, Source Serif, with Source Sans and Alegreya, Stanley, Harriet, GT Walsheim and BPreplay. If you're thinking about using Calibre then try

People commonly tag it as finance, design, technology, programming, agency, business, payment, music, tech and investing.

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About Calibre

Calibre is a sans-serif typeface designed by renowned type designer Kris Sowersby in 2011. It was released by the New Zealand-based type foundry Klim Type Foundry. Calibre is a versatile and highly legible typeface, designed to be used in both print and digital contexts.

Calibre’s design is based on traditional grotesque models, with a few modern touches. It has a large x-height and open apertures, giving it a clean, modern look. It also has a slightly condensed structure, which makes it ideal for text-heavy layouts. The font has a neutral appearance, with a hint of warmth from the rounded terminals and a subtle contrast between thick and thin strokes.

Calibre is a highly functional font with a modern, yet timeless feel. It is versatile and highly legible, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. It is a great choice for editorial design, corporate branding, and web design, as it is easy to read and looks great in both digital and print contexts. It is also a great choice for headlines and display type, as its subtle contrast makes it stand out.

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