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About Akzidenz Grotesk

Akzidenz Grotesk is a sans-serif typeface that was designed in 1898 by the Berthold Type Foundry. It is one of the earliest examples of the modern sans-serif style, and is considered to be a major influence on the development of the genre. The font features a simple, geometric design with a slightly condensed lettering and a large x-height. It has a strong, no-nonsense character that evokes a sense of reliability and dependability.

Akzidenz Grotesk is a versatile font that works well in a variety of contexts. It is a popular choice for corporate branding and advertising, and is often used in magazines, newspapers, and websites. It is also a great choice for large bodies of text, as its simple, legible design makes it easy to read.

by OpenAI & mikesten (experimental)

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