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Gilroy is a modern sans-serif typeface designed by Radomir Tinkov and released by the Fontfabric foundry in 2013. The font is characterized by its tall x-height, which gives it a strong presence and makes it highly legible. Its rounded curves and geometric shapes give it a contemporary and stylish look. The font is versatile and can be used in a variety of contexts, from posters to websites.

Gilroy’s design is a perfect combination of humanist and geometric influences, with a modern twist. Its open letterforms, balanced proportions, and smooth curves make it a great choice for both display and text settings. The font’s unique character is best described as confident, stylish, and contemporary.

Gilroy is a great choice for projects that require a modern and sophisticated look. It is suitable for a variety of industries, including fashion, publishing, and technology. The font is also versatile enough to be used in both print and digital projects, making it a great choice for websites and mobile apps.

by OpenAI & mikesten (experimental)

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